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Corkscrew by Peter Stafford-Bow - a review

Book details :
Fiction : Humourous
Publisher : Thistle Publishing, UK
Pub date : 12 July 2018
ISBN :  9781786080660
Ebook : £ 3.99 Paperback : £ 11.99, 400 pages
Territory : UK & Commonwealth
Translation rights : Andrew Lownie

Book description :
Felix Hart, a tragic orphan, is expelled from school, cast out on to the British high street, and forced to make his way in the cut-throat world of wine retail. Thanks to a positive mental attitude, he is soon forging a promising career, his sensual adventures taking him to the vineyards of Italy, South Africa, Bulgaria and Kent.

His path to the summit, however, is littered with obstacles. Petty office politics, psychotic managers and the British Board of Wine & Liquor prove challenging enough. But when Felix negotiates the world’s biggest Asti Spumante deal, he is plunged into a vicious world of Mafiosi, people smuggling and ruthless multinationals.
Part thriller, part self-help manual and part drinking companion, Corkscrew is a coruscating c…

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