Holiday SOS - a review

Book details :
Biography/Autobiography, medical.
Pub date : 8th November, 2018.
ISBN      : 978178608063
Ebook     : £3.99
Paperback : £8.99
274 pages.
Territory : UK & Commonwealth
Translation rights : Andrew Lownie

Book description:
Meet Doctor Ben McFarlane - a very modern flying doctor. His job is to get on a plane and get patients home after holiday disasters, gap year crises, embarrassing incidents on business trips and all the other things that can go wrong when we head overseas.

Holiday SOS is his extraordinary story. It's a unique medical memoir of the people he helps - and a year in the life of one of the world's most frequent flyers !

My review

Holiday SOS co-written by Dr. Ben McFarlane and Neil Simpson is the story of a repatriation doctor who flies all over the world to bring medically needy British citizens back home. Even though it is written in a novel form, it is more of a memoir, stories drawn from the experiences of the real life Dr. McFarlane told as the story of the fictional Dr. McFarlane. The hilarity afforded by occasional mishaps in the course of his work lightens the otherwise serious nature of his work and the book.

I really enjoyed this book. First off, I didn't know that such a line of work existed. I have never given much thought as to how people who are taken ill while holidaying abroad get back home. It seems like a very interesting and noble way to spend your life. The challenges faced by such repatriation doctors and nurses are explained in quite some detail in this novel, providing a fascinating insight into a very unconventional profession. Some incidents are funny, some quite serious and some downright tragic. Holiday SOS had me gripped all the way through. Even after accounting for poetic license due to the format of the book, the stories were convincing and enjoyable.

The way it is written is absolutely delightful and seamless, in a simple and straightforward manner. The unavoidable medical jargon in a book such as this are explained in laymen's terms so as not to confuse the readers. In short, Holiday SOS by Ben McFarlane and Neil Simpson is a great read, detailing a serious profession in light terms, providing both knowledge and entertainment. 

A free e-book version of this novel was provided to me by Thistle Publishing UK in exchange for a review. The opinions expressed are my own.



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